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“An Answer To Valve Wear,” an independent study and investigation into engine valve and valve seat wear, which found… “The ‘WELL-TITE’ valve seat delivers the total performance capability required for today’s engines to insure continuing maximum compression and horsepower.”


X-TITE material Will handle the most extreme conditions possible in the combustion chamber.

Like WELL-TITE, X-TITE is a Nickel based alloy with an increased amount of Chromium and Molybdenum and by adding Cobalt and Tungsten, it makes this material corrosion, heat and wear resistant. And X-tremely tough.

(X-TITE has a Rockwell C Scale hardness of 45 to 50.)


WELL-TITE is designed and engineered for all critical engine applications such as propane, natural gas, turbo diesel, and performance engines, and for on road and off road industrial engines.
WELL-TITE is used extensively on a world-wide basis in the following industries: automotive, light industrial, heavy industrial, marine, gas transmission, railroad, utilities, both in the Original Equipment and Replacement Markets.


MAR-TITE is an exceptional seat that exceeds OEM standards. It’s produced with less Chromium and twice the Nickel content as the cheaper seats on the market, giving it more resistance to heat and wear with a much better cut.
Mar-Tite is a Premium Seat designed for the higher compression in today’s engine market, without the superior alloys of the Well-Tite formula.
It is offered at an extremely attractive price for a premium quality valve seat.

Both WELL-TITE and MAR-TITE Valve Seats are available in 12,000 different sizes and all seats can be ordered in oversizes of +.005. +.O10, +.015, +.020. +.030.

All Martin Wells valve seats are available in either Well-TIte or Mar-Tite material.
X-TIte Seats are produced per customers request.


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