Premium Valvetrain for a Wide Range of Applications and Industries.
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Our exclusive Well-Tite valve seat material is engineered to perform in all critical applications including Propane, Natural Gas, Methane, Super and Turbo-Charged Engines.

AD8 Copper Nickel - New Product!

Martin Wells now provides a Centrifugally Cast, Copper/Nickel valve seat made specifically to withstand the abuse of racing engines.

Check out this video of the World’s Fastest Harley Street Bike which uses the AD8 Copper Nickel valve seats provided by Martin Wells.


About Martin Wells Inc.

Martin Wells is a manufacturing company specializing in Valve Seats and Valves. It was established in 1927 and remains one of the most respected names in the industry. At Martin Wells, we machine Valve Seats to any size you want. Top quality customer service and quick turnaround times are always our first priority. LEARN MORE

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