Electrode Holders

Martin Wells Industries was founded by a welder in 1927, who dedicated the company to the production and development of better products for the welder and the welding industry.

The ability to interchange all parts and make necessary repairs to the Holders quickly has proven to be economically effective. Martin Wells Electrode Holders are completely insulated for maximum safety and to meet today’s strict safety requirements.

The advanced design, precision manufacturing, uncompromising quality and reliability of Martin Wells Electrode Holders have enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers to both the military and commercial markets in the United States and throughout the world.


Classic design available with screw or clamp connections, 60¼ or 90¼ rod angle, 300-450 or 400-600 amps.


DIRECT CURRENT FLOW – The lower tong is the only part that can carry a current. Our patented insulated upper jaw and hinge pin prevents current from passing through the upper tong, assuring a single point of resistance and a direct current flow from the cable to the electrode.

COOLEST BY TEST – Martin Wells Tong-Grip®‘s heat-free connection and direct current transfer from cable to electrode makes it the coolest of all holders. Insulated non-riveted hinge pin prevents current from flowing through upper tong, further relieving heating.

ANY WORN PART EASILY REPLACED – Save down time and maintenance costs. Change the insulation in seconds. No screws. No Rivets. No Bolts. No Thread. No bench work to change insulation. Complete knock-down and reassembly in less then one minute! Only ten parts. Easy and economical to maintain.

CHOICE OF CABLE CONNECTION – With Martin Wells Tong-Grip®, you can choose the type of cable connection best suited for you, one or two screw.

OFFSET BALANCED CONSTRUCTION – Reduces hand and arm fatigue. Does not rotate in hand when held loosely in any position.

MORE GRIPPING POWER – Deeper and steeper notches holds rods securely.

SAVES RODS – Because of greater visability, electrodes are burned shorter. Look at the length of discarded stubs from other holders — then look at those from Martin Wells Tong-Grip® — and compute your savings.