About Us


Martin Wells Industries is an eighty-two year old engine parts manufacturing company supplying the Original Equipment Market and the Replacement Market worldwide.

Our Valve Seat Inserts and Valves have set the standard for performance and reliability in the engine parts industry for many years.

Martin Wells Industries was founded by a welder who dedicated the company to the production and development of better products for the welder, the welding industry and later, the engine parts industry. The advanced design, precision manufacturing, uncompromising quality and reliability of Martin Wells Engine Parts and Electrode Holders have enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers of both the military and commercial markets in the United States and throughout the world.

Martin Wells Industries is well known for quality in Valves and Valve Seat Inserts. Martin Wells Industries also holds the US Patent for the “WELL-TITE” and “MAR-TITE” products.